Many Christians are Following a Figment of their Imagination

Monday Discussion

“Followers of Christ who do not follow him to the lost are not his followers; they are followers of a figment of their imagination but not the Christ of Scripture.”

cf. Matthew 4:19  Look it up for yourself. I dare you.

Any thoughts?

6 thoughts on “Many Christians are Following a Figment of their Imagination

  1. Marty, experientially we’re not following Christ in lots of ways especially if new Christians but even when we’ve been on the path for awhile. Why highlight this one so strongly? Can you address this? it sounds like what your saying is more than the difference between our position in Christ and our actually walk with Christ. May not be using the right terms but I think you know what I mean. ..Peter G.


    1. Peter,

      Good to hear from you. I agree. Experientially we all stumble in many ways. I have three primary reasons for highlighting this one here on the BLOG:

      1) This BLOG is about keeping church planters and missional leaders on the cutting edge of their mission to preach the gospel to the lost. To do that, we have to force ourselves to think hard about the mission to seek and save the lost.

      2) This is one of two commands that Jesus gave that even most non-Christians are aware of. Most non Christians in America could finish the sentence “Jesus said, follow me and I will make you to become ….” [fill in the blank] It is one of the most basic definitions of what it means to be a follower of Christ, yet the majority of those who claim to follow never fish for men.

      3) This is the one spiritual discipline that is almost completely neglected in the spiritual formation books as a path to greater intimacy with Christ. It is given lip service and shallow discussion. I want to help correct that by provoking my brothers and sisters to take the command to fish for men seriously.

      Hope that helps.


  2. Thanks, that helps a lot. And I believe that the lack of this discpline/attitude in my life has resulted in less of an impact in my world so I appreciate your emphasis. Your blog is helpful even for the layman!


  3. Over the last month a guy came up to me in a parking lot at 2am and just had to tell me about the terrific deal he got on a big screen tv used as a display at Walmart. I kept waiting for the pitch where he was going to sell it to me, but it never came. He just had to tell me about the great deal he got at Walmart.

    His story lasted about 30 minutes. He told me everything that happened, and I listened. The story I have is a lot more valuable than his. Why do I not tell someone my story at 2 am in a parking lot and be so excited about it that someone else will stand there and listen to me?


    1. Part of the why is that we are cowards. Part of the why is that we are not living as “sent people” to the world? Part of it is a lack of prayer. Part of it is an unwillingness to learn. Part of it is that churches aren’t training people. Part of it is we don’t love non-Christians—we say we do but we don’t.

      Here’s a tin-tiddle idea: [a “tin-tiddle” is when you think of what you should or could have said after the moment to have said it has passed.]

      “I’m excited for you. You obviously got a good deal. I thought you were trying to sell me the TV!. You put me to shame. Here I just listened to you for 30 minutes as you told me about this great deal you got and I have the greatest news anyone could ever hear and I rarely tell anybody about it. Do you have a few more minutes? You’ve inspired me. Let me tell you about the kingdom of God.”


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