Why We Need to be Careful with Language in Fighting Against Abortion

Weekend Musings

Thabiti AnyabwileThabiti Anyabwile is a brilliant African American pastor. Reformed and evangelical in this theology, Thabiti is a powerful speaker and thinker who has meditated long on the issues of abortion and culture from a Christian perspective. In this article, he talks about the danger and “appropriateness” of comparing abortion to slavery.

His words are wise. I hope you will give them some time. Here is the link. The article’s title is “Yes, How Dare You Compare Abortion to Slavery?!”

One thought on “Why We Need to be Careful with Language in Fighting Against Abortion

  1. That is one powerful piece and thought provoking beyond the immediate subject. We need to keep this basic idea of understanding the shoes of our audience before us at all times. As I read, I was convicted about last Wednesday night as I spoke to the men based on Romans 8:28 and 1 Thess 5:16-18, did I really show compassion and understanding of their circumstances as I told them to give thanks? When I talked about God working all things for their good for those of us who love Him; what were they really thinking??? Here’s another volunteer coming in and telling me to love the guard who is bent on making my life a misery? He’s going home with his wife and to a comfortable bed, who does he think he is?

    How do I get the message across in a way that is accepted as real? The message that God does indeed love them and is indeed working for their good? That learning to give thanks in all circumstances really does bring the peace of God that passes all understanding to their souls?



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