News Cycle Moves on But Japan Still Suffers

It is harder to find information on Japan but the crisis is still huge. Here’s a portion of one report on the casualties of the disaster.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano told reporters at a news conference Saturday that it is difficult to predict when the crisis at the plant might end. He also announced a new special adviser to the prime minister, former transportation minister Sumio Mabuchi, to oversee the response to the nuclear crisis.

Intermittent snow and rain covered many of the disaster-affected areas Friday night and throughout the day Saturday, hindering relief efforts and leaving many victims who lack fuel for heating to struggle in the cold.

The government reported that as of Saturday, 10,102 people were listed as dead, 17,053 were missing, 26,646 had been rescued and 246,109 had been displaced from their homes after the March 11 earthquake and the ensuing disasters.
Source: Washington Post article by  By Michael Alison Chandler, Saturday, March 26

Please pray for the people of Northern Japan.


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