Portrait of a Disciple

Thursday is for Discipleship

No living person has had a greater impact on my life and theology than Dr. John Piper. Eight years ago, I had the privilege of being the speaker at the Bethlehem Baptist Church Men’s retreat and meeting Dr. Piper in a setting where he was just one of the guys. It was a great experience to sit down with Dr. Piper and find out that who he is on a platform is the real deal. His chest breathes air for the purpose of exalting Christ.

When people ask me about what discipleship should lead to in all disciples male or female, the images and phrases that come to mind are peppered with phrases that either come from Dr. Piper or are heavily influenced by his thinking. Here’s a list of what I want for myself and for all who are influenced by my ministry. We’ll call it a Portrait of a Disciple:

A disciple is:

  1. God besotted.
  2. Word saturated.
  3. Gospel proclaiming.
  4. Prayer dependent.
  5. Integrity filled.
  6. Humbly bowed.
  7. Holy Spirit directed.
  8. Love marked.
  9. Faith living.
  10. Mission focused.

How about you? What are you striving to be and reproduce as a result of the one solitary life you have been allotted by God?

Let’s pray that our lives would reflect the high calling of our sacrificed and risen Savior.

2 thoughts on “Portrait of a Disciple

  1. I agree with you in prayer.
    for comparison in different words –
    From Eddie Chumney, http://www.hebroots.org

    Now that we know that a disciple is a follower of Jesus and a student of God’s Word, what are the characteristics of a disciple of Jesus?
    They are as follows:
    1. A disciple (student) will be like his master (teacher) (Luke 6:40)
    2. A disciple (student) must lay down his “psuche/soulish” life to obtain “zoe” life (Luke
    3. A disciple (student) must bear his own cross (Luke 14:27)
    4. A disciple (student) will forsake all he has and deny himself to serve Jesus (Matthew 16:24,
    Luke 14:33)
    5. A disciple (student) will bear much fruit (John 15:8)
    6. A disciple (student) will have love one for another (John 13:34-35)
    7. A disciple (student) will continue in God’s Word (John 8:32)


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