National Radio Program Discusses Chosenrebel’s Blog

Yesterday, I had the privilege of being interviewed  live on the radio by Chris Fabry. The broadcast went out to all Moody Radio’s affiliate stations nationwide and you can hear the whole of the interview and the callers into the program by going to the following link–

The Podcast button for yesterday’s and all previous programs is on right side just under Chris Fabry’s picture. Chris had two guests in the first hour and devoted the whole second hour to the interview and the topic “Are American Christians More American than Christian?” (The topic was picked up by Chris from my blog.)

Hope you can tune into the podcast and that it will remind you to pray for the ministry.

3 thoughts on “National Radio Program Discusses Chosenrebel’s Blog

  1. Marty, this topic reminds me of a comment I heard from the current head of Focus on the Family. When he heard that Europeans were praying for us in America, he asked how they would pray for us. The answer might be surprising, but is in line with your topic: That we would see enough persecution to turn us back to a vibrant faith.

    May we see revival! May we be prepared to pay the price to see revival!


  2. It was a little disappointing that people reacted more to the title of the piece than the content. But I suppose that it part of the medium. Still, it was a great opportunity and I am thankful to Chris for it.


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