A friend needs your prayers

Wednesday is for Prayer

Just got word that my BLOG friend John Nunnikhoven and his wife are having some significant medical issues. Frequent visitors to the blog know the wisdom that God has given this servant of Christ. Many times John’s insight and comments have furthered discussion on a wide range of issues effecting the church and its mission.

I’m asking that the readers of ChosenRebel’s Blog take some time and pray for this dear brother and his wife. Our God is sovereign, merciful and good. Would you call at with me that God in his mercy and goodness would act on their behalf and give them grace through this time.

Pray that Betty, Johns wife, would be healed of shingles and that John’s recently diagnosed irregular heart beat would come back into rhythm. Pray to for a friend of theirs¬†complaining of chest pains and exhibits serious O2 depletion. Pray that God would receive glory through all their trials and that their ministry to the lost would continue.

Lord Jesus, you know John and Betty and their need. You now how they have served you and continue to serve you. They are your children. You have redeemed them. You purchased them with your blood. You positioned and empowered them for their ministry. You gave them to one another. Your love for them has been demonstrated in so many ways. Would you show them this mercy also. Would you heal them of these maladies and give them the grace that will enable them to run in the strength of your Spirit. Heal Betty of her shingles. Relieve her of her pain. Bring John’s heart back into rhythm and most of all Lord, give them joy in the midst of all their trial. I ask this for your glory but also for this man and his wife because he has been your instrument of mercy and instruction to me over the last 6 months. Amen.

John, if you get to read this, I will continue to pray for you and Betty and I look forward to meeting you face to face in December.

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