The Possessor of Heaven and Earth

Thursday is for Discipleship

קֹנֵה שָׁמַיִם וָאָרֶץ

You had an argument with your son or daughter and now your interaction is stiff and cold. You are worried about your job as cuts are being made. You are concerned for your friend who just lost their job. Your husband has made a bad decision and now the family is paying for it. Your wife is consumed with fear and is depressing herself with tomorrow’s assumed trouble.

Gird your heart with this truth, God is the “Possessor of Heaven and Earth.” (Genesis 14:19,22) There is nothing outside of His ownership and concern. There is nothing, no matter how small, that is outside of His power and influence. Calm your spirit with these thoughts. Settle your heart in the deepness of His Lordship over all of life. Thank Him for this self-disclosure of who He is in Scripture.

Then, go with confidence to your son or daughter, and reaffirm your love. Trust in God while cuts are made knowing that He who owns you will not abandon you but will in some new way show His power to provide. Comfort your friend who lost their job and help them through the transition. It may be your window of opportunity to tell them of the richness of Your God.

God was not surprised by the decision that has negatively affected the family or the fear that is controlling your spouse. Ask Him for the way of wisdom in each of these circumstances and trust that He will provide it. He is the Possessor of Heaven and Earth. He who did not spare His only son for you is Your God and He is worthy of Your trust today.

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