Standing Stone Ministry

Standing Stone Ministries is a “nurturing and encouraging” ministry that has one supreme goal:

to strengthen ministry leaders and their spouses who are weary or wounded to help prevent them from “burnout.”

I have not officially started with Standing Stone Ministry, but already, just through normal conversations, two pastors have already asked for the kind of minsitry that Standing Stone is noted for. I have known for years that many of my pastoral friends were hurting but even I was not aware of how widespread the pain was. Pray for your pastor people. Criticism is constant and withering for so many. They need your prayers and it wouldn’t be bad to give them some respite from the harrowing effect of criticism through your friendship.

And would you pray for these two younger men who have sought out a mentor. Pray that my input to them would truly be a benefit in their lives and families and a glory to our King.


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