Is There a Discernable Pattern to this Blog?

Weekend Musings

The blog has been up for 5 weeks now and just went over the 1000 hits threshold [Update: up for 20 months and now over 54,000].  Thanks for all of you who have contributed your thoughts in the discussions and for all those who have visited and (I hope) taken something away that nourished your soul. 95% of posts are under 500 words. For comparison, this one is 339.

I am going to begin posting on a regular schedule.  Monday’s will be posts that I hope will invite lots of discussion and discovery. My objective will be to phrase questions that will be provocative and open ended.  Naturally, since I bleed church planting, most of these questions will relate to church planting in some way.

Tuesday’s will be for Preaching.  On these days I will offer helps and thoughts and book reviews, and discussion questions and material from my years of teaching preaching in seminary and preaching in churches around the world. I hope that they help church planters to embrace sound thinking with regard to preaching practice.

Wednesday is the day that I have chosen to do something similar on the topic of prayer.

Thursday’s will be for Discipleship.

Friday’s will be in the category of Heart Songs. These posts will be devotionals from my own reflections, prayers, poems, songs from my own heart.  These will fall into the vulnerable area of one leader seeking to be vulnerable and honest with other leaders about his own journey and sojourn with the Savior.

Usually, I won’t be posting on weekends.
[Update: On Friday nights I post links to resources and articles that I have read during the week that I think might be useful to others. On Sunday, I usually post some short devotional.]

So there it is. I hope that the schedule allows for a more consistent pattern for those who visit the site and need it.  I think it will also make it easier to search the site for categories of interest.  For the glory of God and usefulness in the Kingdom, Marty.

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