Back from Pennsylvania

Trip was long, exhausting and productive.  My Dad’s sister is laid to rest.  The family grieves with joy in the hope of the resurrection. My aunt Alice was one the happiest people I ever met.  She wasn’t a complainer.  She loved everyone.  Everyone.  And she always seemed to believe the best both in and for others.

Her daughter, my cousin, gave a brief snapshot of her perspective on life. A very simple story.

Once, looking for a parking space at the grocery store, a car bolted in front of them and took the parking space that they were waiting to pull into. Most of us would have been angry. Most of us would have had less than kind words.  Many of us would struggle with not cursing the person out for their rudeness.  My aunt Alice?

A quiet prayer and a simple comment.  “They must have needed it more than than us.”

That’s all.  Virtually nothing could keep her or rattle her from believing the best and choosing to be generous and tender-hearted toward others.

“Lord, make me honor my aunt’s memory by being as merciful and generous with others as Aunt Alice was throughout the whole of her life.”

One thought on “Back from Pennsylvania

  1. From the Facebook feed:

    Dirk Isaacs: A beautiful, touching tribute. I’m sorry for your loss, but share in the joy of the hope of the resurection. Your Aunt Alice sounds like my Aunt Pat, who went to be with Jesus a few years ago. I’ll bet they’re both right in front of Jesus now, not missing a thing!!


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