Our God–Awesome in Power (Part 2)

New ZealandReeling and rejoicing from the wonder of two hundred new followers of Jesus,  the 26 twenty-somethings began the process of discipling their new brothers in Christ. But our God was not finished. While the first rushes of joy were still in the air, about three weeks later, nearly 600 more former terrorists found life in Christ!

“pressed down, overflowing, welling up, springs of life”

This is what our mighty God is doing in the world as a new generation of soul-seekers walks in faith and obedience.

Shortly an invitation goes out from the national government. Top leadership arrives a few weeks later. But in the interveening time between invitation and arrival, God in his marvelous mercy and demonstrated power brought nearly 2,000 more rebels out of the jungles. Laying down their weapons they said they wanted to become Christ-followers and now they too are being trained as fishers of men.

Join the Luke 10:2 virus.  Begin to pray for God to raise up workers for the fields that are white unto harvest all around the world. Set your alarm to 10:02 AM and join thousands in praying everyday that God would raise up workers to bring in the fruit of the Spirit’s work.  And when you do, pray for YWAM workers in Nigeria.

You might even consider joining them. Better, pray about dropping everything and going to help.


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