Listening to Old Music and Wisdom

Unlike most people who read my blog, I own a record player. And I still own over a hundred vinyl LP’s. I know—I’m old. My children think I’m a dinosaur. So do I. Time is relentless and ruthless. The subtractions of what my body will let me do these days is sobering. I have to pace myself. Wisdom is supposed to accompany age but if that was always true, I wouldn’t be writing a blog post that declares how old I am, 68  last week. After all, the internet is a “young people” thing even though it is my generation that created it. Go figure.

Wisdom tells me that it would be better to hide behind the anonymity that words on a screen afford me and pose as a younger version of myself. But then it would be harder to write with authenticity about artists like Bob Ayala. Today I pulled out Bob Ayala’s first LP from 1976. The title of the album is “Joy by Surprised”, a title inspired by his love for C.S. Lewis. 

The simplicity and the beauty of this song still hold up after all these years. Its a great song to end an Easter evening with the calm assurance of what the gospel has purchased for us. Praise be to the Living God.

Inspired by the King James version of Psalm 4:8
“I will both lay me down in peace, and sleep
for thou, Lord, only makest me dwell in safety.”


Last night,
While the city was at ease
And the fog slept upon
The rooftops and trees,
Alone in my room
With the candle burning free,
Comforted by
The One who lives in me.
Nothing can touch me I believe,
And no one can sell me if I’m free.
I laid down the burden of my heart in His palm
To sleep through the night
And find peace at the dawn,
Peace like a valley where man cannot come
To tear down the timbers
And darken the sun.
Nothing can touch me I believe,
And no one can sell me if I’m free.

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