How to Read OT Quotations in Matthew

Read your Bible.
Read it well.
Read in context.
Don’t just pass the verses before your eyes.
Seek to know it and do it.

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Reading with the Pastor
Matthew 21  and  Psalm 26

Dead Sea Scrolls

This is a story from history that will show you how to read Old Testament quotations in the New Testament.

“One afternoon late in 1946” a Bedouin shepherd boy threw a stone into a cave and heard the sound of pottery breaking. By 1948 news began to break that ancient manuscripts had been found in that cave dating from the time before the time of Christ.

But forty-five years later, many manuscripts were still inaccessible to all but a tiny team of researchers, much to the outrage of scholars everywhere. A young graduate student by the name of Marty Abegg had been introduced to the ancient documents by one of his professors, Emanuel Tov. In the course of doing other research, Abegg stumbled on a way to reconstruct the text of the other scrolls, and in 1991, he published a section for…

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