Get Me Out of Here

Another offering for “The Poetry Project”

Read Psalm 88

Get Me Out of Here

“Get me out of here” is all my heart wanted to say.
I was surrounded.
The mockers were many.
Friends were few.
Words were vicious.
Every thought took me deeper into troubles.
Every memory deeper into depression.
Like one walking among the dead,
Like one unremembered even by You,

I’m there again, Lord.
Everything in me wants to flee,
Like the companions who shun me,
I don’t even like my own company.

Yet, to You, I cry.
Each morning my cries are new 
Because my sorrows continue.
Whose hand is heavier than Yours?
The waters keep rising;
My head is just barely above water.
I don’t know when Your rescue will come.
But though I feel like a dead man walking
Let my prayer come before You;
Bend Your ear down to my level.

I won’t survive if You don’t.

Go to Psalm 89


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