Something to Think About from the Life of David

Something to Think About

David had some tremendous highs in his walk with God. He also had some frightening lows. As I have studied in the life of David I have been motivated as never before to live a godly life. One of the chief motivators for me is very simple, FEAR. I don’t want to experience the pain David did.

All of this leads me to the “two-bump-method-of-wisdom.” I don’t know who it was who first coined the term, but the concept has been around at least since Adam and Eve. I first learned of the concept in college from Mike Green, later a professor at Dallas Seminary and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, but then, my friend and discipler.

The “two-bump-method-of-wisdom” is basically the most stupid, illogical, and unwise method of gathering wisdom ever devised by intelligent (sic) people. An example follows.

I am walking in front of you. You are following me. We come to a low archway. You watch me bump my head and fall down cradling my head in my hands. In another four steps you will be at the archway yourself. One, “He bumped his head,” you think. Two, I’ll bet that hurt,” you think. Three. “You should have ducked,” you declare with great conviction. Four, Bam! “Ouch,” you exclaim
As you cradling your head in your hands on your seat beside me on the grass I ask you, “Why didn’t you learn anything from the bump on my head?”

You see why I say the “two-bump-method-of-wisdom” is stupid. Yet, day after day, week after week, year after monotonous year, you and I do the same thing in the spiritual realm. Even though, “these things happened to them as an example, and they were written for our instruction, . . .” (1 Cor. 10:11)

Let’s make an effort at learning from the experience, the bumps if you will, of David. Let me give you an exercise to help. Make a chart. On the vertical access write the words Spiritual and Physical Blessings. On the the horizontal access, put the chapters of 1-24 of 2 Samuel. Get two different color pens. Now, read the book of 2 Samuel and plot first Saul’s and then David’s experience of Spiritual and Physical blessings in the book. Happy hunting.

My prediction: You will see a number of “BUMPS” in both man’s lives. Is there Let’s learn from them and avoid the “bumps.” Is there any reason for you to “bump” your head like either of these men?

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