January 23 A Day of Darkness

It was on this date that the United States boldly stepped into the dark and called it light.

In the name of “privacy” and “rights” and “reproductive freedom” and “my body my own” and “every baby a wanted baby” we began to kill the future. Nice sounding words that act like drugs in our culture to keep us from feeling the tragic loss that every abortion is to the very fabric of our nation.

Remember that.

Don’t let the cultural mavens who dominate the media seduce you into believing that abortion is . . .

  • just the elimination of some tissue,
  • a woman’s right,
  • a good,
  • a necessary evil,
  • a practical solution to a hard situation,
  • or anything other than what it is,
the deliberate ending of a human life.

Pray that churches will rise to the challenge of loving better than we ever have, of sacrificing more than we ever have, of living passionately for and like Jesus that both mothers and children are completely supported and offered better alternatives than the bloodguilt of the last 50 years.


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