Bonhoeffer on Beginning and Ending the Day

Wonderful discussion tonight led by our worship pastor over Bonhoeffer’s Life Together. I was reminded again of this particular quote/suggestion.

Our teacher for the evening asked a good question?

“How can we give God the first and last word of the day?”

The question got me thinking as I drove home from the discussion. So, here are some ideas:

Giving God the First Word

  1. Not the phone but your Bible, be the first thing you touch in the morning.
  2. The night before, wherever you are going to have your breakfast or your coffee, set up your Bible, open to wherever you are in your reading plan.
  3. If you don’t have a reading plan, open it to the psalm that corresponds to the day the month, (Tomorrow that would be the 16th Psalm). Use that psalm to frame your prayers for the day.

Giving God the Last Word

  1. Personal example: My current reading plan has me reading 4-5 chapters a day. Before I turn off the lights, I get a jump start on the next days reading by reading at least one chapter of the next days reading.
  2. Replace the last half hour of your TV viewing with a meditation on God’s word.
  3. End the day reading the chapter in Proverbs that corresponds to the day. (My wife has done this for 4 decades and it has made her one of the wisest women I know.)

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