Spurgeon Saw Our Woke Culture’s Origins

While Researching and Studying Psalm 100, Found This . . .

“Of late philosophy has laboured hard to prove that all things have been developed from atoms, or have, in other words, made themselves: if this theory shall ever find believers, there will certainly remain no reason for accusing the superstitious of credulity, for the amount of credence necessary to accept this dogma of scepticism is a thousandfold greater than that which is required even by an absurd belief in winking Madonnas, and smiling Bambinos. For our part, we find it far more easy to believe that the Lord made us than that we were developed by a long chain of natural selections from floating atoms which fashioned themselves. “We are his people, and the sheep of his pasture.”

C.H. Spurgeon
Volume 2, The Treasury of David, 398.

Once the illogic of “something from nothing” is admitted as a possibility, all impossibilities (like “men who are women” and “women who are men”) becomes possible.

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