The Kingdom of God is Based on a Promise

We are citizens of new Kingdom, the Kingdom of God. It is the greatest, most mysterious and powerful Kingdom ever to exist and it grows with every passing day. God’s promises to us in His word are magnificent and worthy of our trust at every juncture in life.

“The most prominent thing in the New Testament is proclamation of the kingdom and its anointed king. But it is on the basis of the divine promise that its preachers proclaim the kingdom, and when they appeal to the Old Testament in proof of Christian doctrine, they make the promise more prominent than the kingdom itself.

Walter C. Kaiser Jr. in The Promise-Plan of God
quoting Beecher, Prophets and the Promise, p.178-79.

Proclaim the Kingdom of God every day in every way that your can. The world needs the gospel. Let’s be faithful to tell the world that God has been faithful to all of His promises.

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