In the Midst of Enemies

Sunday Afternoon Musings

“It is not simply to be taken for granted that the Christian has the privilege of living among other Christians. Jesus Christ lived in the midst of his enemies. At the end all his disciples deserted him. On the Cross he was utterly alone, surrounded by evildoers and mockers. For this cause he had come, to bring peace to the enemies of God. So the Christian, too, belongs not in the seclusion of a cloistered life but i in the thick of foes.”

Dietrich Bonhoeffer, 
Life Together, 17.

Christians cannot retreat from the world if we want to impact the world for the Savior. Instead, we need to emulate the Savior. He left heaven to walk in the midst of His enemies. So we too, ought to be willing to live in the midst of our enemies. “There is no impact without contact.” Loving our neighbors means, in part, being around them. Jesus left the glories of heaven for the mess of earth. Let’s leave the comforts of home for engagement with our neighbors. It’s part of what it means to live passionately for and like Christ.

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