The Depopulation of the United States

I just finished reading a Sci-fi / fantasy novel set in the year 2077 that included an “event” that “depopulated the entire West Coast from San Diego to Seattle leaving only Tacoma Washington intact. It was a compelling read, part Tolkienesk fantasy, part dystopian future, part crime drama. A very unique book. And then, tonight, I ran into this video from the Hoover Institute on the shocking drop in population birth rate in the USA since 2008. My interest was immediately intrigued.

Any nation, even a nation of immigrants, needs a birthrate that is above the death rate to sustain its future. Need proof of that statement? Make some time for this extraordinary interview below. And let me recommend this particular program, UNCOMMON KNOWLEDGE. I have watched many of their programs and they are all extremely thoughtful, intellectually stimulating, and highly entertaining.

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