The Power of Good News

This was actually written for the Christmas season of 2013, but it is appropriate for every season on every day. Let’s let our praises ring. Let the world see our joy in Christ, in one another and in God for them. Let good news ring!

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Friday is for Heart Songs

Praise is the Appropriate Response to Such a God as OursPraise is Best and the Most Appropriate Response to Such a God as Ours

If your team makes it to the playoffs (pick the sport, it doesn’t matter), if they succeed where others fail, if they overcome their injuries and their foibles, your joy will explode not in an explanation but in a loud and enthusiastic announcement, “We’re going to the playoffs!”

That distinction is at the core of one of our major problems in relationship to the sharing the gospel with the modern world (or post-modern, if you prefer).

Too much of our approach to the world is filled with explanation, debate, discussion, argument, defense, and persuasion.

All of these have their place, but not the place of first position.

We are heralds of news first.

Explanation, debate, defense—all of it should follow not lead. The world needs to see our joy in…

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