An Atheist Helps Me Understand Why I Believe

I am traveling today, at a conference in Nashville, but I thought this post might be helpful. It was written in 2014 when I was just returned from another conference. Remember, the gospel is not just a story, it is true, truer than our wildest imaginations.

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Wednesday is for Prayer

I’m in a conversation with an atheist over on Twitter. He is asking me for a proof that God exists. “Give me your best proof,” he says.

I told him I don’t believe because of “a” proof. I believe because of a compounding of various proofs and evidence and ultimately because of the evidence for the resurrection.

The Existence of God and the Beginning of the UniverseThe Existence of God and the Beginning of the Universe

Still, he presses. So I give him one proof that I have found as a compelling reason for faith in God—the Kalam cosmological argument on the nature of time having to have a beginning. It is an ancient Arab argument that I don’t need to go into now. Then he asks this question:

“If I can show you that your best argument (Kalam) is poor, would that cause some reflection?”

I told him that I would have to think…

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