Is Prayer Worth It?

The question itself is misguided. Everything that God commands us to do is worthy and valuable. But it is a question that nevertheless, pops up in our heads with more regularity than most of us want to admit. So, with that in mind, can I tell you a story?

“Many people know that Young Life is a ministry to high school students. Some know that it was started by a young seminary student named Jim Rayburn [1909-1970]. But few know that he started the ministry at Gainsville High School. Fewer still know why. Why Gainsville? It was sixty miles from where he was attending seminary. Why not Highland Park or some other Dallas school?
Listening to Rayburn’s explanation, we learn why. ‘Across the street from the high school a group of elderly women had been meeting for six years, every Monday morning, getting down on their knees in the living room of dear old Mrs. Frazier’s. They prayed every Monday morning for six years, long before I ever heard of Gainsville, Texas, for the high-school kids across the street. I was there a year before I heard of that prayer meeting. I used to go over there with those five or six old ladies and get down on my knees with them after that club started to roll. That was the thing the Lord used to start it [Young Life].’
Jim Rayburn went to Gainsville because six elderly women prayed.
But the women prayed only for kids at Gainsville High. Who looking in on those elderly women on their knees, would have ever thought that their clasped hands would be the hands that midwifed the Young Life Campaign, a world wide organization that touched the lives of countless teenagers?”

Windows of the Soul: Experiencing God in New Ways
Ken Gire, 114-115

Keep praying people.

God hears.

He will act in a perfect time.

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