It’s Coming Soon! The New Book

I have been working on a new book for over a year now, though it builds on years of research, study and devotion. For many years, I have read the Bible through at least once a year. Sometimes I would read just to read the whole narrative story of God’s redemptive plan. Other years I would read with some special projects in mind.

  • One year to learn about parenting.
  • Another year to learn about mission.
  • Another year reading as much as I could out loud.
  • Still another year, to learn about leadership.
  • Reading in a different translation for a year.
  • Probably, my favorite project was to catalog every name, term, and metaphor that was used for God.

All of these projects were designed to not only answer questions I had but to SLOW MY READING DOWN. Fundamentally, I believe we read too fast. (This from a guy who once took the Evelyn Wood Speed Reading Class!) We read too fast and we don’t think deeply enough about what we are reading. O the things you see when you stare intently at one thing! And O the things I have seen. 

  • Like over 130 names, terms or metaphors for God in the book of Isaiah
  • Like multiple new arguments against the pernicious heresy of the Jehovah’s Witnesses
  • Like new pathways to understanding the majesty of God
  • Like new ways to invigorate prayer and worship
  • Like new passion for revival that the nations would know the magnificent God we worship.
  • Like new zeal for discipleship fueled by a new vision of God’s greatness

It’s a large book (8.5 x 11)
It’s a long book (just over 200 pages)
It’s a book that uses color in creative ways to cut down words by provide more information with a color code.
It’s an expensive book (probably about $25, due to the size, pages, and color)

And it should be available in about two months.

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