Schoenleber Family Update


After 21 Miles on the Bike
Haven’t Been on My Bike in a Week But I Will the Road Tuesday

I’m sitting in the airport in Atlanta at the mid-point of a three-hour layover after a weekend in South Carolina, meeting folks and getting to know a community that might be our next stop in our journey of faith. It has been a good weekend. The church and its people are marvelously mature and spiritually healthy. The previous pastor had a good and appreciated ministry. (Sometimes, those don’t travel together, but they certainly did here.)


The congregation loves and reads their Bibles. They are poised for a new challenge and are yearning to grow with a new vision that will take them beyond the four walls of the church and out into the community. Stephnie and I have a lot to talk about and process and a lot more to research and pray over but we are encouraged.

One of the exciting things at this church is the number of engaged younger couples in the ministry and the number of young men who have or are pursuing theological education. The opportunity to step in and begin to mentor and extend these men’s and couples ministry into Kingdom service is thrilling. Architectural plans are already drawn up should God give the church the growth they are praying for and beginning to envision. 

So here is an updated prayer list:

  • I’m beat! Tired is not a big enough word. Pray that I can sleep tonight.
  • Pray for Stephnie as she drove down from West Virginia (caring for her mom after surgery), and now has another week or two before she returns to Watseka. Keep her safety in your prayers as well as her heart as we prepare for the future.
  • Pray for our children. That they would walk with the Lord and prosper in their parenting, jobs, and friendships.
  • Pray for our discernment of God’s will. Is God calling us to South Carolina, to Indiana, to southern Illinois, or to someplace else? We need wisdom.
  • Pray that our hearts would continually rejoice in Christ.

12 thoughts on “Schoenleber Family Update

  1. Brother, you’re moving in the right direction. South Carolina is close to North Carolina – God’s country! Nevertheless, been praying much for you and Steph.


  2. You are often in my prayers. A lot happening in Baltimore, seems like a lot of small churches popping up all over the city. Need to learn what it means – intensely local ministry. Why don’t you come to Baltimore? :). BTW, going to see Jamie in a couple of weeks.


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