Whether We See It in the Moment Or Not

A Morning Call to Worship for the 24th Day of the Month

You will face a dozen things today that you had no clue about when the morning sun beckoned you to open your eyes. And in the rush to “get on with it” you may loss sight of Him. There is a shower to take, hair to comb, a face to shave, a breakfast to eat, coffee to brew, a deadline to meet and two dozen other tasks and decisions to make the stage of life and circumstances that you are traveling through especially challenging.

But in this day, on this morning, remember,
train your heart to remember,
that though His voice may not move vibrations in your ear
and your eye may not gaze upon His countenance . . .

“His steadfast love pursues us, 
even when we are unaware.
His love is everlasting and endures
through all the sorrows of our lives.
And he loves righteousness, and justice
therefore His people can trust Him.
So let us, this morning, sing to the Lord
because we know that He will deal bountifully with us today
whether we see it in the moment or not.”

Cf. Psalm 52:1 and 127:2

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