A Mid-Day Prayer for Revival

Crying Out to God for Deliverance from Ourselves.

American Christians need to come to grips with the fact that God wants our humiliation before Him. He wants to  strip us of our pride so that we would humbly bow before Him and gain a new vision of His glory and majesty and new purpose for our living the life of faith

Toward that end, I offer this prayer for myself and all of us. May God be pleased to send revival to American churches. Crying out to God for deliverance from ourselves.

“O Lord, would You meet us today?
Would You incline to us and come to us
and make us what You want us to be?
Would You so energize us that we become like You
that the world will forget us as they see You in us?
Lord Jesus, purify us of our sin and corruption,
and show us anything in our thoughts,
anything in our behavior,
anything in our words
that keeps us from seeing Your will with clarity.
Help us to be repulsed by those things that fall short of Your glory
and draw us to repent of our lack of passion for the gospel,
     our lack of love for others,

     our lack of effort in prayer,
     our lack of study of Your word,
     our lack of willingness to sacrifice for others.
O God, forgive us these things and make us a people who
embrace Your will no matter what its cost to us,
so that Your Name, the Name that is above every name,
would be exalted in our lives
and everywhere in the world.
For Your glory we ask it. Amen.”

Read Psalm 17, 47, 77, 107 and 137 some time today.

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