Prayer, Repentance, Prayer, Revival

So much of this blog has been about prayer. There are more articles on prayer and revival and repentance over the last 11 years than any other topic. And it is to stories like the link below to which every one of those posts were aimed. 

Please, please click on the link below and read this article about a church in TN and what happened when a pastor and his church got SERIOUS about prayer.

Please read it. 

Please pray before you do and after you finish.

And please pray for Stephnie and I as we begin our new adventure with Standing Stone Ministry shepherding pastors in pain who are thinking of throwing in the towl because of the hurts and sorrows of ministry. We want to help them to health, and rededicate themselves to being the kind of leaders that build their ministries on relentless prayer and personal repentance.

So, the LINK.  Please read this article. Rejoice. Be encouraged. Become a prayer WARRIOR.

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