How Deeply Do You Care?

“How deeply do you feel about the ministry the Lord has called you to? If the desperate needs of those people you [are seeking to] . . . reach have never caused you to weep, you may want to go back into your prayer closet.”

The God Ask, by Steve Shadrach
Chapter 7

I wonder.
How many will read these words and feel their weight heavy on their life and yet

weep no tears,
spend no time,
move on to somethings else to read
something else to watch
something else to occupy their ears with
something else to eat
some other project to accomplish

anything else to crawl out from under that weight
                                                           and the need to go into a private place

and cry out to God for a greater passion for our call to make disciples and stay there and pray until God answers?

I wonder. Maybe you will fight that battle in your heart,  . . . and fight it to victory. And your life and the world will be changed.

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