First Ride after A Crash

What did I experience?

  1. I’m in terrible shape! A twelve mile ride took more than an hour!
  2. I went by a 10 year old girl out with her dog for a walk. The dog a brown boxer puppy, took a brief lunge at me and a good loud bark or five. She got him under control. “I’m sorry” she said, and I smiled as I drove by, shouting back, “No problem, he was just being protective of you.” And with a smile she reached down to pet the dog and said, “I know!”
  3. Went by the old church and saw that they have not changed the name yet. Prayed for all the people there as I headed up the road to Cherry Park.
  4. Fair number of people at the park. Made two loops around the mile and a half bike trail and then headed home. Great to see people getting out and enjoying the Fall warmth. Idea: I need to commit myself to doing the 2 mile loop of my neighborhood with no agenda in mind except to look for opprotunities to engage with my neighbors at some level on something. “There is no impact without contact.”
  5. Back to the 10 year old with the dog. I wonder if the dog and his bark couldn’t be a metaphor for how some protections that we put in place (the dog) sometimes don’t feel and sound harsh to others but are perfectly appropriate given the state of our world today. Example: a wall on our southern border might sound harsh to those trying to illegally enter the nation but might also be a legitimate protection of the citizenry of the nation from unfair labor competition, jobs themselves and the resources that citizens pay into in order to care for the indigent and needy who are already here. I’ll have to think more on this.
  6. I need this bike to force time into my schedule to think undistractedly without the mediating power of a pen, pencil, book, or computer
  7. I wish the city to better care of the sidewalks where we bikers are sometimes forced to ride.
  8. There seems to be so little community in the society that we call civilization, our “our town.” Let’s try and bring more communitas to our community.

Afterward:  Been out on the bike for three consecutive days now. Only a total of about 34 miles but it still feels good to be out.

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