When We Were Young

Yes, that’s my bride and two of our oldest, 
and yes, I know she is beautiful inside and out.

When we were young and had children underfoot, life was complicated and wonderful. We miss our kids. Everyday. The call of God has taken us 14 hours drive away from two, and 6 hours from another, and two days drive from another but that doesn’t mean we miss them less or pray for them with any diminished passion. So you will forgive us if stories like the one below makes us teary-eyed not only for the beauty of this friendship between a 4 year old boy and a World War II veteran but also for our own children and grandchildren.

And because I’m a preacher and can’t resist, . . .

Love your neighbors, all of them, the ones who vote for people you like and even more the ones who vote for people you don’t approve of.

Bring light to the darkness of our world.

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