The Priesthood of Believers

A royal priesthoodIn the summer of 2016, a national magazine, asked for an article on the Priesthood of Believers. Here’s what I sent them. (See link in blue.)

Commanded to Function as Priests

In a post-COVID-19 world, it is imperative that the church rediscover the priesthood of all believers. A gospel confined to the four walls of a building is a gospel enslaved to a form that cannot survive persecution or pandemics. But our gospel is powerful when it is unleashed into the voices of more than the preacher.

Make no mistake, preaching is important. And as John Stott said in an interview shortly before his death, the state of preaching in America is “abysmal”. Our churches are not served well by preachers who do not know how to study and will not take the time to learn, how to preach sound, interesting and passionately expository messages that work through the argument of a biblical author with depth and clarity.

But preaching itself is not enough. The people, the “ordinary disciples” (terrible term) of every church need to embrace the privilege and responsibility of their priesthood.

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