Unknown Piece of Trivia (Until Today)

Trivial Pursuit

Nobody cares about this bit of trivia but that won’t stop me from sharing it. Literally, I am the only person in the world who knows what I am about to tell you. I just learned of it today and no one else has ever put these two pieces of information together in the history of the planet until now. 
Furthermore, no one else on the planet could possible care about this piece of trivia, except me. But clearly it was destiny that I would become a Philadelphia Phillies fan. Not only because I hale from the area and grew up listening to all the games on the radio but because of this heretofore unknown alignment of stars.
The Philadelphia Phillies, the longest one-name franchise in all of sport, received their name on April 3, 1883, exactly 72 years before I was born. And there you have it. A piece of trivia never before known by anyone, including me.

Can you tell I miss Major League Baseball?

The link below will explain.


Have a great evening!

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