Sanctifying the Time Between Today and Tomorrow

Dark Night 1

A Morning Call to Worship

“Let us be glad in our Maker.
Let all of His children rejoice in their King.
Let the children of the redeemed praise Him with dancing.
Let the muscians put all their talents to the task,
of giving Him thanks for His salvation.
Let us run into this day with joy
for our King is alive and He is coming,
just as He promised,
He is coming again to judge the living and the dead.
Justice is in His hand,
therefore rejoice.”

cf. Psalm 149:1-9; 2 Timothy 4:1;
Psalm 145

A Mid-Day Prayer for Revival

“Lord, today has been a day of wicked responses
to wicked acts by men with power in Minneapolis.
There are some among us who delight in chaos,
who use wickedness as a license for more wickedness.
All around our country cities are in flames.
Philadelphia, Nashville, Charlotte, Los Angeles, Dallas
these are just a few of our cities that are burning tonight.
The rage and frustration of the nation has boiled to the surface.
There is cause Lord, but your word makes it clear,

“the anger of man
. does not produce the righteousness of God.”

Clearly Lord, our nation doesn’t believe Your word.
Lord, as a nation, we are demonstrating our need for You.
We are demonstrating that without You we are powerless
to control our worst impulses.
O God of justice, we pray for the family of George Floyd.
Comfort them, strengthen them.
They have experienced a tragic loss.
Give them peace. Assure them of Your presence.
Give them wise comforters filled with compassion.
Lord God Almighty, we need you,
forgive us but unite us as a nation.
Draw our hearts to You. Unite us in Christ.
Bring peace to our hearts and our nation.”

 cf. James 1:20

An Evening Benediction

“May the sorrows of this day be left in this day.
May the anxiety of this day die now.
Bury them here; give this day to God.
Tomorrow is a new day and this night
lies between today and tomorrow.

May we trust Him with this night,
and may we rise to serve in joy
in a new morning designed by Our God
for His glory and our good.”

cf. Psalm 40:5; 139:17-18; Ephesians 3:1-14


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