When Justice is Perverted, Remember that There is One Who is Just (and He will bring justice)

Sanctifying the Day for the Glory of Christ

Rock Hill 2
Just Another Celebration in Rock Hill

Call to Worship

“Let us sing a new song to the Lord.
Let’s use every instrument we can get our hands on,
and if we can’t play an instrument,
let’s find a new tune on Youtube to praise His name.

Before we go off to work,
before we run off to the tasks of the day,
let’s raise our voices in praise
and tell the Lord we love being His.”

cf. Psalm 144:9-11; 145:1-3

A Mid-Day Call to Revival

“Lord, I watched the news tonight.
It was just like almost any other night.
Violence, racism, abuse of power, harsh words–
it is an epidemic in our nation Lord.
We sound like ancient Israel.

3b Destruction and violence are before me;
strife and contention arise.
So the law is paralyzed,
and justice never goes forth.
For the wicked surround the righteous;
so justice goes forth perverted.

Open our eyes Lord.
Help us to see our own wickedness;
help us to be broken over the evidence all around us
that we are not what You want us to be.
Drive us to our knees
that you might raise us up to glory with You.”

cf. Habakkuk 1:3-4

An Evening Benediction Sanctifying the Night

 “Sing to the Lord with thanksgiving;
make melody to our God.
For our God is worthy of praise,
so train your heart to remember Him,
train your heart to praise Him,
train your heart to not forget
the beauty of forgiveness.
May your impulse in every situation
always be filled with peace
for the joy of knowing Him and His ways.
And may you rise in the morning
to begin again the training process.”

cf. Psalm 147:7; Exodus 33:13;
Deuteronomy 6:4-9

Encourage a friend. Share this with them.

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