This: What it Means to be “To the Praise of His Glory”

Sanctifying the Day

Mountain Stream 5

A Call to Worship

“Just like yesterday,
and the day before yesterday,
and the day before yesterday’s yesterday, 
and 46 years worth of yesterdays,
and 2000 years of yesterdays,
and for 100’s of millions of years in the future,
our God is deserving of praise.
For His faithfulness is from everlasting to everlasting.
So, may our praise for Him this morning,
be louder and longer than yesterday,
and louder still tomorrow.
For the glory of our coming King, 
the Lion of Judah,
Who is LORD of yesterday and today and every tomorrow too.”

cf. Psalm 106:48; 2 Timothy 4:1-2

A Mid-Day Prayer for Revival

“Make us feel again O God.
Make us to know our need.
Make us hate sin.
Make us love righteousness.
Make us hate the corruption in our own hearts.
Make us a people who see our sin before the sin of anyone else.
Make us a people who own our wickedness, 
. . . who are repulsed by our stain,
. . . who are willing to cry out in lament over our shame,
. . . who will truly long to be the peacemakers You call us to be.
Make us mercy givers.
Make us grace inhabitors.
Make us poor in spirit,
Make us pure in heart.
Make us willing to endure persecution and hatred

for You and Your Kingdom
Rule and over rule everything in us
that is raised up against a willingness to do Your will,
so that we will be to the praise of Your glory.

cf. Matthew 5:1-12; Ephesians 1:12, 14

An Evening Benediction

“The kings heart is a stream of water
  in the hand of the LORD;
.       He turns it wherever He will.
The horse is made ready for the day of battle,

   d    but the victory belongs to the LORD.”

cf. Proverbs 21:1, 31

“Our God is a sovereign, omnipotent ruler;
His ways are not our ways.
His plans are inscruitable but faithful.
He is holy and just.
And though we have our part to play,
in the battles of tomorrow,

He knows and has designed our bodies for rest.
Like the horse, He will make us ready for tomorrow’s battle,
But the victory will be His.
He goes before us.

Rejoice in that and sleep well this night.”

cf. Isaiah 55:8; Proverbs 21:31

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