The Comfort and Power of God’s Sovereignty

Sanctifying the Day — Remember the Sovereignty of God 

Azalea Garden - philly 5
Azalea Garden in Philadelphia Fairmount Park (the largest city park in America)

Call to Worship —

“The Lord has been our dwelling place
in all generations.
Before He created the mountains
before he even formed the earth
even from everlasting to everlasting
our God has been thinking about us;
planning to redeem us,
planning to rescue us,
planning to adopt us
planning to make us heirs of His kingdom,
planning to make us ambassadors.
So let us worship Him and delight in Him
and tell the world He lives.”

cf. Psalm 90:1-2; Ephesians 1:11-14 

A Mid-Day Prayer for Revival

“Lord Jesus, we can do nothing without You. We are so satiated with our comforts and toys and games and achievements and power. We fail to take up our cross, we fail to speak, we fail to live with a zeal and passion for You and Your kingdom and world sees nothing supernatural about the lives we live.

They see nothing exceptional or noteworthy about how we love them and sacrifice for them. Instead, they see us live for the same things they do, our families, a little more comfort, and a few more toys.

Forgive us Lord, but change us too. We need a revival of our love for You. We are desperate for it–-or we should be. Whatever it takes Lord, revive us for Your name’s sake.” 

Benediction to Sanctify the Night

“We were alienated from our God;
we were hostile in our minds toward God.
We have been reconciled because of His death
so that He could present us holy and blameless
and beyond reproach
when He comes to receive us to Himself.
One day the mountains will burst into song
because His glory will be revealed,
and we will be declared His.
Therefore, go to sleep this night with joy.
And rise in the morning to give Him praise again.

cf. Colossians 1:21-22; Isaiah 55:12
adapted from Robert Vasholz in
Benedictions: A Pocket Resource, 044.

Tomorrow, for those of you who can carve out the time, my wife and I will be joining others from 10:30-11:30 AM to pray for revival in America. We will be social distancing and gathering by phone but you could carve out the time in your own home. Or, let us know that you want to join us and perhaps we could work to set up a ZOOM meeting or a you could join us through Facetime on your computer. 

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