A Love that Never Ends

Sanctifying the Day — When the Past is No More His Love will Remain

(Some of you may have noticed that I’m from Philly! Don’t let it distract you.)
Three Stadiums that are Gone
                                      Three Stadiums that are Gone                  (Veterans, The Spectrum, JFK Stadium)

A Call to Worship — .

“His steadfast love pursues us.
even when we are unaware.
His love is everlasting and endures
through all the sorrows of our lives.
And He loves righteousness, and justice

therefore His people trust Him.
So let us sing to the Lord
because we know that He will deal bountifully
with us today
whether we see it in the moment or not.”

cf. Psalm 52:1 Psalm 127:2

A Mid-Day Prayer for Revival

May this be the cry of our heart O God.
“Come let us return
He has torn us into pieces
He has injured us
Come let us return to the Lord
He will heal us
He will bandage our wounds
In just a short time He’ll restore us
In just a short time He’ll restore His church
So we might live
We might live in His presence
In His presence
Oh that we might know the Lord
Oh that we might know the Lord
Oh that we might know the Lord
Let us press on to know Him
Let us press hard into Him
Then as surely as the coming of the dawn
He will respond”

Lyrics to Hosea by Shane and Shane


A Benediction to Sanctify the Night

“He has been and will be our defender.
So may we become a people who depend upon Him,
may we celebrate being in dependnce upon Him.
And may we rise in the morning
intent on holding His hand all day.”

Cf. Psalm 43:1; 74:22-23

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