Sanctify the Day Together

Philadelphia b

A Call to Worship — To Every Corner of the Globe

“His steadfast love is great.
His faithfulness stretches to the heavens,
and reaches into every crevice of our lives.
So let us rejoice.
Let us shout for joy.
Let us remember that we are loved.
Let us remind our souls
that people loved by God
ought to be lovers of people.
So let us rise this morning
to serve the people in our lives
with rejocing and hope.”

Cf.  Psalm 57:10

A Mid-Day Prayer for Revival

“Lord, would You help us to see ourselves aright?
Would You remove the scales from our souls
so that we see with clarity and purpose?
Would You destroy our arguments against Your will?
Would You cut through all our excuses?
Would You bring forth such tears
as would float us out of our lethargy
and out to the world to proclaim Your gospel?
Make us a people who treasure obedience to You
over comfort for us.
Make us a people who turns from our weakness
and sin, and pride and yields to You,
who are strong, and holy, righteous.
Make us a light to the nations for Your glory.

A Benediction to Sanctify the Night

“Now to you who have died,
been buried and have been raised in Christ,

and whose life has been hidden in Christ
and who will be revealed with Him in glory;
Go to your rest this night
knowing that it is by faith that you stand,
and by His life and by His Spirit
that tomorrow You will rise.”

Cf. Colossians 3:1-4; 2 Corinthians 1:24; 4:12
Adapted from Benedictions: A Pocket Resource, p. 52
by Robert Vasholz

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