He Calls You by Your Name this Morning

Sanctify the Day Together — a Call to Worship

Volume 1 Day 9

Sunrise at folly beach pier charleston (art-reid-callaway)

“May the Lord who called your name over this morning
be your steadfast love and deliverer this day.
May His promises to you be your shield, and stronghold,
be your pillar of support,
and may your Deliverer
be your comfort and joy. 
May He make your face shine with such love to your friends and family
that they would know that you belong to Him who will be by your side
every step you take this day.
He walks with you today.
Enjoy your stroll.”

Cf. Psalm 144:1-2; Isaiah 45:3

Encourage someone this morning. Pass it on.

Remember who walks with you with every step you take today.

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