Spurgeon on the Effect of Conversion

Thursday Musings

Yesterday, I was reading Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening devotional and ran across the gem below. It has been gently edited by Alister Begg to update the language a bit but with no substantive change from the original (I checked). This is not the full devotional, just the beginning paragraph that I found helpful and wanted to pass along. May God add his own blessing and direction for your heart.

“He first found his own brother Simon.”

—John 1:41

This case is an excellent pattern of all cases where spiritual life is vigorous. As soon as a man has found Christ, he begins to find others. I will not believe that you have tasted of the honey of the gospel if you can eat it all yourself. True grace puts an end to all spiritual monopoly. Andrew first found his own brother Simon, and then others. Relationship has a very strong demand upon our first individual efforts. Andrew, you did well to begin with Simon. I doubt whether there are not some Christians giving away tracts at other people’s houses who would do well to give away a tract at their own—whether there are not some engaged in works of usefulness abroad who are neglecting their special sphere of usefulness at home. . . .

Spurgeon, C. H. (1896). Morning and Evening: Daily Readings.
London: Passmore & Alabaster.

I have long believed that whenever one person in a family comes to faith in Christ, we ought to intensify our prayers and efforts for all members of the family whose lives they may touch. Why? Because God delights to work through families to change the world. May God use you mightily in the lives of your family and may he make you both bold and sensitive to their needs and openness to the gospel.

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