Sunday Afternoon Musings

Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire“If our churches don’t pray, and if people don’t have an appetite for God, what does it matter how many are attending the services? How would that impress God? Can you imagine the angels saying, ‘Oh, your pews! We can’t believe how beautiful they are! Up here in heaven, we’ve been talking about them for years. Your sactuary lighting—it’s so clever. The way you have the steps coming up to the puplit—it’s wonderful. . . .'”
I don’t think so.
If we don’t want to experience God’s closeness here on earth, why would we want to go to heaven anyway? He is the center of everything there. If we don’t enjoy being in his presence here and now, then heaven would not be heaven for us. Why would he send anyone there who doesn’t long for him passionately here on earth?”

Jim Cymbala
Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire, 58-59.

“He is the Center of Everything There.”

“O LORD God, you are the center of everything and all the angelic host and all the departed saints bow before you in worship before your throne. Make my heart bow now in preparation for that great day when I will behold the thorn scarred brow of my Savior. Make me a man who lives passionately for and like Christ so that the world will know the kindness of our God. Make our church’s heart beat with greater passion for your mission in the world. Make us a people who strive for justice in this world while we proclaim the glad news of the gospel. Make us a people who delight to rescue the perishing for your glory and the joy of our neighbors. Amen.”

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