Weekend Links for St. Patricks Day Weekend

St Patrick

Politics, Worldview, Education, and Culture

Ben Shapirio on Why the Hollywood Educational Scandal Is and Isn’t Important.   It’s about much more than what the media is focused on at the moment. 

Our Culture of Contempt     The assumption that all disagreement is because the disagree-er is hateful is a major problem in our civil discourse. This is an important article and demands some real thought. New York Times article by Arthur Brooks. Just because I or someone else disagrees with you does not mean that I hate you or the thing that I disagree with.

The Full Court Press to Present Beto O’Rourke as the Heir Apparent to the Presidency   It has started. The selling of “the candidate” who will be the media’s and the left’s darling. Every article will puff him up and overlook his failures and gaffs. 

Entertainment, Music, and Sports

Behold Your Queen: the Real Conflict in Captain Marvel    Review of the movie, CAPTAIN MARVEL, from a Christian Worldview and a complementarian view of the distinction between men and women. Panned (the review) by progressive Christians and egalitarians, I found the analysis both thoughtful and helpful.

A Trainwreck of a Man    All that glitters is not gold as this piece of reflection on the life of Johnny Depp and other celebrities and what we all can learn does a good job of pointing out. Thanks to Insanitybytes2.

Christianity, Devotion and Apologetics

Are You Insulting God in Your Worship?     Sam Storms helps us to think more precisely about what we mean when we worship and how we can better worship God when we come into his presence. Not a long article but make sure you read all three pages.

My Parting Thank You to Singleness    Too often the church is so focused on married people that single people feel left out. Here are some helpful thoughts on the transition from one to the other and how to use singleness as a tool to know God better.

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