Top Links; Church Idols; Electoral College; Border and Sexuality Issues

Heart of Fire

Christianity, the Church, and Theology

Top Ten Biblical Archelogical Discoveries in 2018   This is always a great year end summary and this year is no exception. Of particular importance to me are numbers 5, 6 and 7 because they reveal how trustworthy the Bible is even back to the time of Moses. Good stuff.

Three Common Idols in the Church    We all might come up with our own list but I have seen all of these at work in various churches over the years. Beware of making idols of anything. 

Ten Things Christians Would be Doing if They Actually Believed the Bible   Some keen insight from a Hollywood insider who is committed to Christ. Simple, challenging, and helpful.

With My Last Breath    This is the Blog site of one of my former students who is dying of ALS sometimes known as “Lou Gehrig’s Disease”. John Geiger is a godly servant of Christ who is teaching the world how to die well. Be inspired to live your life to the fullest and with increasing joy as you expose yourself to the devotions of what could be his final year of life. Subscribe to his blog for your soul-health. I have.

Book Review:  Seven Practices for the Church on Mission, by David Fitch    Helpful review of an evangelical who is influential but not always biblically grounded. Fitch leans with much progressive thought rather than biblical categories so this critique/review is a helpful discussion of the pros and cons of Fitchian perspective.

Technology and Science

Extra PC    This is a sales article about a way to increase your computer’s speed. I’m going to try it myself.  ($35 dollar solution)

Politics and Culture

How Compassionate is the Democratic Open-Boarder Policy?   NOT. Sound bites to make people angry without adequate thought to the whole picture and consequences do more to create further division than to bring real help to immigrants.

Time to Get Out of Afghanistan?    Thanks to my old friend, John Gavin, for alerting me to this surprisingly candid and mostly fair article from the New York Times. Geo-political strategy is a complicated business.

Mexican President Offers Surprise Hell at the Boarder    These look like some very creative and productive ideas at first glance.

Your Sexuality is Not Who You Are   I move under politics and culture because the first category had too many links. Christopher Yuan (along with Rosaria Butterfield) is one of the foremost thinkers and defenders of biblical sexual standards and roles. He is also a dear friend and a former member of my first church plant. This is actually part 2 of an interview with Ethan Renoe.

Why the Electoral College Should Stay         Important

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