The Warming Fires of Revival

men of prayer 2

It’s a wet Friday in South Carolina today but perhaps that is a good time to ask God to ignite the warming fires of revival. Let’s start with ourselves and move outward to our local church, the churches in our towns, the churches in our regions, the churches in our state, the churches in our nation, the churches in our world. Let’s pray that God would set us aflame with compassion for the lost and love for one another.

“Cleanse me of the coldness and indifference that keeps me from shedding tears for the rebellious sin of today. . . . Allow me to feel the mourning of Your Spirit’s groaning for my broken world. . . . Help me see those times when I awaken in the night as opportunities to cry to You for a revolutionary revival to visit Your church. What I pray for myself I pray also for a large number of other believers whom You are calling to a deeper prayer burden.”

Taken from Mark Bubeck’s
Prayer Patterns for Revival

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