Piercing an Ear as An Act of Worship

Updated from the Archives because the Spirit of God wouldn’t let me alone from its truth this morning.

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Tuesday is For Heart Songs

Update:  This post was written a number of years ago but today I was reminded of it and thought I would pass it along. My car CD player is broken and it and the radio have been sent away for repair. Not having either a radio or a CD in the car has meant a lot of undistracted driving and time for prayer and thinking. 

Today, though I hadn’t heard the tune in years, I could not get this tune and the words of this simple chorus out of my head. So as I rolled down the road, my heart was drawn into worship and prayer as a tune from three decades ago bubbled to the surface of my consciousness at the prompting, I think, of the Holy Spirit. Enjoy.

This song is no longer in the popular mix of worship in our churches but…

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