A Thought Experiment in Alternate Reality

Thought Experiement

Hillary Clinton

The Year:           Late September 2018
The Situation:  President Hillary Clinton, has already replaced disceased Supreme Court Justice Scalia with Merrick Garland. That appointment has shifted the balance of the court from a 5-4 conservative majority to a 5-4 liberal majority. When Justic Kennedy retires, the nation knows that the next justice appointment will shift the majority to a 6-3 liberal majority. Now, the President’s nominee for retiring justice Kennedy has had a bomb-shell accusation. A high school classmate has accused him of attempted rape when she was 15 and he was 16. You can fill in the rest of the accusations from recent news reports where the shoe is on the other foot.

Question: If the same accusations, in the same time frame, with the same delay of discovery, how would we predict the Party opperatives and Senators (Republicans and Democrats)  would act? How would they likely act, given all that we know from both this hearing and other hearings in recent memory? 

Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much imagination.

Both sides would choose their respective champion and much the same levels of outrage would be expressed with many of the same arguments switched into the opposing Senators mouths. In fact, that is so likely that almost any fair-minded person reading these words would agree.

My Point:

Truth suffers when partisan agendas are allowed to trump ethics.

And that is what we are suffering from in the nation.
Truth doesn’t matter. Political agenda does.
Facts don’t matter. Political preference does.

This fight is over Roe vs Wade. It is over two different views of jurisprudence. It is over the meaning of the constitution as intended by the Founders of the nation vs an evolvling “flexible document” that can change with the times. And that is why neither side is playing fair. They are playing with lives and they are playing with the nation. They, and in the present case, the Democrats are doing Sherman’s march of burn and destroy everything in their path to achieve the end of keeping a shift in the court from happening.

But they, and here the “they” includes many of the Republicans, are not playing fair. Fair play died when both sides turned their back on the truth.

God help the nation. 

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