Indifference to the Bible is Empty-Headed

Cradled stacked stones

Reading with the Pastor 
Joshua 3, Revelation 9 and Psalm 95

Observations in Joshua
  • God affirms Joshua’s leadership at the Jordan in the same way He affirmed Moses leadership at the the Red Sea (vss. 7-9).
  • Whatever “natural means” God may have used to part the waters of the Jordan, there is still the supernatural element of the Israelites walking across the Jordan on “dry ground” (vs. 17).
Observations on Revelation 9
  • The fifth and sixth angels blow their trumpets and release judgments on the earth.
  • With the sixth trumpet 1/3 of the earth’s population dies. Today that would mean approximately 2.5 billion people. The future is bloody.
  • But even with such carnage, Scripture says people will hold on to 
    • their worship of demons
    • their idols of gold, silver, bronze, and wood
    • their murders (violence)
    • their sorceries (superstitions?)
    • their sexual immoralities, and 
    • their thefts  (vss. 20-21)
  • The persistence in sin for those who will not bow to Christ is extraordinary. Oh how thankful I am that God has “caused me to be born again to a living hope” (1 Peter 1:3). But for His grace I would be just as persistent in sin.
Read Psalm 95

I have a friend who once wrote a beautiful worship song based on the first 4 verses of psalm 95. Today, he is a denier of everything in the Scripture that doesn’t fit in his progressive (sic) view of God.  He would not bow to the Scriptures teaching in things that he found distasteful or old fashioned and today he follows a figment of his imagination. He can’t imagine a God who would inspire verse 11 but he likes the “feeling of worship” in verses 1-4. 

Today there are many Christians who don’t like the wars of Joshua or the judgments of Revelation or the wrath of God toward sin and their solution is to simply cut out those parts of the Bible that they don’t like. 

That is not the solution that previous generations of Christians took when they found texts that didn’t agree with the spirit of the their age. But it is too often the “solution” that more and more “Christians” seem to be taking today.

But faith in an inerrant Bible because of a faithful God who watches over His word to perform it is no a negotiable for true citizens of the Kingdom. As you read your Bible you will find much that is easy to understand and apply. But you will also find some things that are hard to interpret and understand and others that will be shrouded in mystery. Don’t give up. Keep reading. Keep studying. Keep growing in your ability to interpret.

Recommendations for every Christian Home’s Book-Shelf

  1. A good Bible Dictionary
  2. A good 1-2 Volume Commentary on the Whole Bible
  3. A Bible Concordance 
  4. A King James Bible
  5. A good modern language translation of the Bible
  6. A good Bible Atlas

Early in his career, theologian Clark Pinnock wrote a small book called “Live Now Brother”. One memorable quote has remained in my memory bank for 40 years.

“If the Christian faith is true, it is the secret to everything and the clue to human fulfillment in this life and the next. So the stakes are high. This is no time for empty-headed indifference.”

It would be empty-headed indifference to not make these investments in something that is “the secret to everything”.

3 thoughts on “Indifference to the Bible is Empty-Headed

  1. I like your recommended bookshelf but do have a question. Why the KJV? Absolutely nothing against it, I learned to read at family devotions in a KJVO family. However, I would suggest two modern translations, one of which should be an amplified version and the other appropriate to the reading level in that household. Over to you, Marty

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    1. The KJV for three reasons:
      1. The majesty of the language.
      2. Because it is the underlying text of all quotations in the great texts of the Western tradition. (Shakespeare et al.)
      3. Because comparing it with any modern translation show the changes of language over the last 400 years.


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