“How Do I Measure Discipleship?”

Four years ago but this question never goes out of date. Are we serious about following Jesus or are we just kidding ourselves and doing a lot of spiritual-sounding stuff that doesn’t matter?

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Wednesday is for Thinking

The Call to DiscipleshipSometime back, a friend (thanks Mike) and campus pastor of another church asked this question: (Mike’s words in blue)

“Hey guys I’d like a little input. Our pastoral team here at ___________ is discussing,

“How to measure our effectiveness of making disciples? (beyond Sunday attendance, offerings and buildings). How do you measure your campus/church effectiveness?”

He went on and issued a challenge:

“… how do you measure it? Do you just count the people who are making disciples in the church?”

It’s a very good question. How do you measure whether anything you are doing in your attempt to “make-disciples” is actually working? Here was my quick response at the time with a few additional clarifying edits. 

Big picture: The Evidence Emerges.

Women are happier in their marriages because husbands are leading better. Husbands are discipling sons and mom’s are discipling daughters. Relationships between parents and children…

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